Enrichment 2.0

Enrichment 2.0 is an inquiry based learning model where students select a topic, are grouped to work on the topic, and prepare an authentic product or service. Enrichment 2.0 allows students who are not physically in the same space to collaborate in an area of interest. School districts might find ‘sister’ districts, or schools in other countries to collaborate with. Home school students, students in rural schools, students who are located in school districts without formal gifted programs, and students with interests significantly different than those of their classmates, can easily collaborate with peers through community online enrichment clusters.

School Wide Enrichment Model (SEM) enrichment activities include: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 activities. More information on the SEM Model can be found on the University of Connecticut's Site. Enrichment 2.0 combines all three types of enrichment activities.

Type I -

Offers introductory or general exploratory activities to expose students to new topics and ideas.

Type II -

Offers students opportunities to develop higher level thinking and research skills related to a specific topic area.

Type III -

Opportunities for students to become 'experts' in a field or topic area and engage in real world activities.

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