Week 1

Before we get started we need to become familiar some of the tools we will work with and get to know each other better. View the introductions for each of the tools and then complete the assignment for week 1.

- http://www.wikispaces.com/site/tour#introduction

Animoto -Animoto is a web application that produces MTV-style videos using the images and music you choose. Sharing these videos is easy too. You can easily embed them onto your wiki and blog. You can also e-mail them to friends and download them to your computer. Press the play button to see an example of a animoto introduction. What is Animoto and how do I use it? http://animoto.com/help/faq

voicethread_logo.gif Interactive slideshows with text and voice commenting

Embedding a voicethread or animoto on the wiki - http://www.giftedkidsnetwork.com/moodle/embedding%20from%20animoto_demo/embedding%20from%20animoto_demo.htm

Discussion: Post a brief introduction for yourself telling us your first name, the state you live in, and some of your interests or hobbies on the discussion form (see the tabs at the top of this page).

Assignment: Then create a short animoto or voicethread introduction. Don't forget about our rules of conduct -- first names only and get permission from your parents before posting any pictures of yourself, your family or your friends.After you complete your introduction post it introductions page.

When you have completed this assignment you may go to Week 2.